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The Wynter Rose

"Sunbathing" Cooling Mist

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The dream is to be relaxing on the perfect beach with the perfect breeze and the perfect sun beating at the perfect temperature... but we all know this situation rarely happens. 

The Sunbathing cooling mist was designed to help you control the temperature of your body while providing a touch of well-being to your skin. With therapeutic-grade peppermint essential oil delicately blended with aloe, coconut oil, and witch hazel, this mist adds a tingle of chill to your skin while hydrating and moisturizing while you bathe in the sun. 

What's in the glass bottle?
Witch Hazel- Super skin-loving and helps soothe the skin and cut down inflammation
Coconut Oil- Coconut oil has a natural SPF and contains antioxidants that help protect your skin from harmful radiation produced by the sun. It can also speed up the healing process and maintain healthy skin moisture balance.
Aloe Vera- is super soothing to sun-kissed skin and helps speed up the skins recovery time. 
Therapeutic grade Peppermint, Lavender, and Geranium essential oils- a fantastic combination to help support sun-damaged skin. Peppermint is soothing and cooling with a natural SPF. Lavender soothes irritated skin, cuts down inflammation, speeds up sun burn recovery time while smelling amazing. Geranium boosts skin health and natural glow while helping reduce wrinkles.
Distilled Water

Size: 4oz.

  • Made in Small Batches with Plant-Based Ingredients
  • Free of Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates & Synthetic Fragrances
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • Non-Greasy Formula
  • Recyclable Glass Bottle & Spray Top

 The Wynter Rose is a lover of nature and works hard to keep it clean!

This product is intended to be used with your regular sunscreen, not in place of. A skin test is recommended, please stop use if any adverse effects occur. 

Disclaimer: None of the information provided is intended to make any medical claims, diagnose, treat, cure any physical or mental condition, nor prescribe any substance, or prevent any disease. Nor is any of the information intended as a substitute for the advice and treatment by your health professional or other competent counsel. None of the products offered have been evaluated by the FDA.

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