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The Wynter Rose

The Wynter Rose Gift Card

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Give the gift of living simple and natural with a Wynter Rose virtual gift card!

How it works: Once you purchase the gift card you will recieve an email with a unique code. You use this code at checkout on any purchase, at any time. The remaining balance will be logged in the system and can be used at a later date.

**It is important that you do not delete your confirmation email until you have depleted the full amount of the gift card. It is possible to retrieve gift card information by emailing The Wynter Rose directly message them, by clicking here!**

I want to give this to a friend/family member: Simple, once you receive the unique code you are able to forward or give said code to any person. As long as they have the code they can redeem the value of the gift card.

Disclaimer: Once the unique code is sent to the email listed at checkout. The Wynter Rose has no control over who uses that code to redeem its value. Make sure to keep the code private to avoid misuse. No two codes are alike. Each code is unique and individualized. 

Additional questions? Email or click "contact" on the menu bar.